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30 Days Ragnarok Online Challenge

Day 5: Who was your favourite Guild?

None. I’m only active in one guild, a new guild run by a friend called “Forever Sunshine”. xD

Day 6: Who was your main?

Tenkiu, lv 94/50 at the moment, Monk. 

Used to be my Gunslinger, Tenkuo lv80/69, as she had a bunch of zeny on her. 

Day 7: What’s your favourite non-MVP monster?

I really, really love the folks in Glast Heim. /heh

They’re so cool and deadly. :|

Day 8: What’s your favourite MVP monster?

I have yet to go MVP hunting. For a while, however, I had my sights set on Eddga for the Tiger Footskins (I really want that Boy’s Cap). 

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30 Days Ragnarok Online Challenge

Day 2: When and how did you first start playing?

About two years…? ago. Not sure how I started, though.

Day 3: What is your favourite job?

Cannot say. Soul Linker is fun as heck due to the Ka-skills, but after a while the lack of damage output kinda bored me. Huntress seemed fun, but Monk really is my favourite.

Day 4: Do you WoE?

No. But I’d love to try it out some day.

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It’s not a “OMGYESlv99!!” screenshot but… 90’s just as good.

I kept dying when I solo at lv89 so it was as if I wasn’t getting any exp gains at all (sometimes even loosing more than I gained).

Finallllllly 90. I can do the turn-ins now and get to 94 or something.

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30 Ragnarok Online Challenge

Day 1: What was your first class character? What job did it become?

The very, very first time I started playing RO (a year and a half ago), I made an archer. I looked through the classes and jobs on the Warp Portal page, and got a little bit confused (I didn’t get the 2-1 and 2-2 and stuffs). I wanted to be a bard, but only found out later that bards and dancers are genderlocked, and the in-game gender is locked too. So.

I think that might’ve been pre-renewal or something, but once I got out of the newbie ground and into Payon, I got lost and got mobbed by something and died and ugh. I was also turned off by the lack of keyboard controls. I didn’t have a mouse back then and moving around with a touchpad is not fun.

…so I stopped RO.

I hopped back on, this time making a Gunslinger. She was my main until Alchemist, and later Soul Linker and presently, Monk.

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Just helping this taekwon stretch his legs before we GH.

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He’s talking about those gold spammers, isn’t he?

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